This page introduces the profile and career of the administrator of Ikkaku Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Office (the Office).

Ikkaku (Voice: Ondoku Jane)

I like airplanes and worked for related parts manufacturers for a long time. While changing several companies, I became interested in HR and general affairs and acquired the qualifications of SHAROSHI and Administrative Scrivener. It looks interesting, so I’m working on making this homepage myself. . .

instrument panel
1986~Joined a parts manufacturing company.
1991~Moved to another parts company, visited overseas,
and worked like a wanderer in various regions of Japan.
2003~Recognized the importance of project management.
2010~At a small company, I was in charge of personnel and general affairs,
and acquired the qualifications.
2019~At another small company, I was in charge of accounting. Studied bookkeeping
and acquired level 2, and managed monthly and annual accounts and bonds.
2022~Opened the office. Created this website with WordPress.
(Administrative scrivener office is the next step)
March 2024, passed the EIKEN Level 1 exam to communicate with foreign customers.